*~*~*~*~*Fourth of July Book Sale!*~*~*~*~*


Dear friends,

On July 4th America celebrates its Independence Day. It has been celebrated with parties and fireworks ever since 1777, with it becoming a national holiday in 1941.

This 4th July, after almost 15 weeks of national lockdown, Britain will see the easing of many of the severest restrictions as we begin to return to a different kind of normality.

I know there is no real comparison between these two events other than the date, but I wanted to celebrate them both in my own small way.

Therefore, I am slashing the price of ALL my full-length novels on Amazon, to £2.99* (eBooks only) until July 5th, when they will return to their pre-sale price.

This will not be announced anywhere other than my own online sites.

SALE is now LIVE!!!

Books included in sale are;

Mr Darcy’s Struggle

To Love Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy’s Proposal

A Love Most Ardent

Mr Darcy’s Reluctant Wife

Please feel free to tell your friends, family and colleagues so they too may benefit from this brief sale.

If you leave a review, please be kind.

Here is the link to my Amazon page.



Martine xx

* $3.99 in Australia.

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